raQpo' Boarding meH

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raQpo' Boarding meH:
1) HoS je durable
2) 5.8 m * 1 m; 6 m * 1 m; 7 m * 1 m; 8 m * 1 m
3) leH tlhab

raQpo' Boarding meH
aluminum gangway ghap aluminum meH ghap yoDSutlIj naQ gangway ghap yoDSutlIj naQ meH
chut lulajpu'bogh aluminum gangway HoS: reH extremely 'ej durable; strict physics calculation capacity calculation 'ej undergo.
constructed 'elbogh Dalbogh ghop 'ej lunaDHa' aluminum alloy (marine grade) with the purpose of corrosion resistance.
laH wIv choQ vo' Sor, frp, aluminum pedal
static 500 kg loading.
size available(l*w):5.8 m * 1 m; 6 m * 1 m; 7 m * 1 m; 8 m * 1 m
Hap 'u': aluminum

reference De'


aluminum ghap yoDSutlIj naQ gangway


rav 2 Dop handrails +

Hap 'u'


latlh DuH

yoDSutlIj naQ


5.8 m, 6 m, 7 m, tIq, qaStaHvIS 8 m

tev, qaStaHvIS 1 m

latlh size request


grating yoDSutlIj naQ Sor, frp, pedal aluminum.

load capacity


HoS lang

ngeD connection, durable